🤔 Are you facing a smoking addiction?
Introducing the Revolutionary Anti Smoking Patch which is based on auricular therapy (ear acupuncture).

We feel proud that We Deliver more than 3,00,000 Anti Smoking Patches and feel happy that you loved it very much.

Give up smoking simply and quickly!

“Customer Experience”

The Patch is amazing and it really works, it helps me to avoid smoking and because of this patch now I smoke much lesser than before.


My age is 29 years and I used to smoke very much but because of this patch after using it I smoke very less. It is very helpful for me.



Disinfect the ear before use and Attach the Anti Smoking Magnet to the ear then Wear the anti-smoking magnet 2-3 hours a day and After 6-7 days, the desire to smoke disappears

With our unique anti-smoking patch on the ear, the desire to smoke is significantly reduced. Quit smoking quickly and easily with the anti-smoking magnet which is based on auricular therapy.

Stimulate the external ear, to activate the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, to eliminate the desire to smoke.


Happy Customers 😍

4.5 / 5

Vikram Chauhan

It can easily stick at your ear and works perfectly no doubt.

Kesar Roy

The patch is something that I really want in my life. Thank you.

Babar Alam

I noticed that it works but you can feel it after 10 days I think, at least in my case.

Nishi Dengre

It is very simple and easy to use. You can use it without any problem.

Mughal Pasha

It gives effect after 7-8 days. The effect will be noticed after 8 days in you.

Hitesh Khatwani

It is a kind of acupuncture I think but it is really very good.

Drishkam Reddy

It really works I am very happy with this product. Good.

Sahil sharma

It is a unique and very good product. Thank you

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